Dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Park County, Colorado

The Park County Historical Society is a Colorado 501 (c)(3) non-profit Corporation

Join us at our next history presentation:

Saturday, September 25
4:00 pm

Shepherd of the Rockies Lutheran Church
106 Rosalie Road
Bailey, CO 80421


The Park County Historical Society (PCHS) is a preservation organization promoting the history and prehistory of the County through awareness and education for the citizens of Park County. The organization is dedicated to preservation, collection and stewardship through cooperation and communication.

Historic trains in Bailey


To educate the public on Park County’s history.

To discover, mark, and preserve buildings and sites of historic or prehistoric significance.

To collect, preserve, and display any items used by historic and prehistoric cultures prior to 1940.

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It's Official!

SPNHA grants

The Park County Historical Society will receive $5,500 for a $6,982 project to convert the Annex building in McGraw Memorial Park in Bailey from a storage building into a meeting room and museum.

Currently, the Society has to host its meeting programs and presentations elsewhere, such as churches, fire stations and community centers. This project will provide a place for the monthly meetings and historical presentations.

The application states it will include “a wireless audio and visual display system, seating for approximately 40-50 guests, a display area for revolving displays, wall mounted panels for photographic and textural displays and a small ‘kitchenette’ to facilitate the offering of snacks and beverages to our guests.”

For years the PCHS has held our meetings in community churches, fire stations and even private homes.  That is about to change.

The "Annex" located at McGraw Memorial Park has been cleaned out of years of accumulated items.  Some items have been relocated to other buildings or put in storage.  Those items that have no historical value or usefulness have been sold or discarded.  

There is still more work to be done, but we are close enough now that we want to reconfigure the room to allow us to host presentations at the Annex.

In preparation we will need audio/ visual equipment, chairs, file cabinets, and a small kitchenette just to get started.  Once completed, we will begin work on designing historical displays. Funding for this endeavor is of concern, especially this year.  Like so many businesses, our sources of funding has been greatly reduced.  

This donation feature below will allow you to make a donation to a variety of special projects. Or, you can simply designate your donation to the General Fund to go toward our ongoing expenses.  All other donations will be restricted to your “special project”.

Thank you for your continued support of the Park County Historical Society.