Dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Park County, Colorado

Join the
Park County Historical Society

Becoming a member allows you to experience the excitement, discovery, and effort to save some of Park County's past. You will receive the best of:

Park County historic sites
Lectures / Tours

Volunteer opportunities
Access to McGraw Memorial Park
Preserving Park County history
Socializing with your community

"Why Join Park County Historical Society?"

Your membership pays for:

- Painting, caulking and roof repair of Entriken Cabin and other structures
- Repainting the caboose
- Public bathrooms, trash, water & supplies when you visit McGraw Memorial Park
- Electricity at park
- Maintaining mowers and trimmers
- Purchase and care of plants at the park
- Copies of historic pamphlets and handouts
- You get first notice of historic dinners and field trips
- You help teach history to school children and scouts
- Protecting now and future repair of Barnett Cabin (project just starting)
- You indirectly help Bailey businesses (park visitors spend time here, spend money nearby) 
- You help family trips to the park as they teach their children town history
- You help save a part of history

And, if that is not enough good reason:

- You save $2 at every Dinner and History Presentation

You may join now, by selecting your membership plan below.

or, you may send in your membership application by mail.